Friday, 7 November 2014

Learn SEO - How to Write Effective Meta Description

Mata Description
Meta description is HTML attribute that provide concise explanation about web content in SERPs preview snippet.

HTML code
        <meta name="description" content= “concise explanation about web content”>

Optimize length of discretion for search engine
Recommended length by Google is 160 characters because 160 characters are enough to wrap spacing of 512px.

 Include keywords in description
Search engine match keywords from meta description to show search results. Meta description should employ keywords smartly but also write a convincing description that make searcher hard to click.

Avoid to write duplicate Meta description  
Meta description of each page of webpages must be unique. Duplicate meta description and title denotes similar web content on several web pages and use of duplicate content  is strictly prohibited according to search engine guideline.

Write Unique Discription for each page

Be specific and relevant
Contemplate how you read the web crawler results pages. In case you're similar to the dominant part of Google clients, you'll examine the page as opposed to understanding it. This implies that your Meta portrayal has got to get the client's consideration and to guarantee they click on your site, not somebody else. This isn't the spot to drift on or dive into unpredictable levels of points of interest, so recognize what your advertising message for that page is and convey it unmistakably.

Add Call to Action
Call to action is asking people to do something which results people will take action on your request. Try to add some call to action in your meta tags like – How people do, Read more about, click to find etc.  

Ask yourself
Write Meta description in different way and ask yourself, “Would you like to click with this information?”  If your answer is no – rewrite again till you convince yourself with compelling discretion.

Improve Metas with structured data
To write more attractive Meta description adorns it using structured data fields
Rich Snippets

Structured data use to create rich snippets that display additional information about your brand along Meta tags such as review, site rating, address, author/publisher etc. 

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