Thursday, 6 November 2014

What is Title Tag? – Search Engine Optimization

Title tag is habitually known as title of any document. Title tag is often use to show title of specific page either in browser tab, SERPs preview snippet or socially shared links.

HTML code – Title

How to optimize title according to search engine guideline
Search engine friendly title is worthwhile to achieve peak in search engine result pages. To write search engine friendly title you must obey following guideline.

How to write seo friendly Title

Optimize title length
Length of title should be in between 50 to 60 characters because SERPs preview snippet takes first 55 – 60 characters in SERP preview. Google has fixed 512 PX for SERPs preview snippet, if you write lengthy title - only few characters will be displayed.

How to write SEO friendly Title

Include keywords in page title
Format of title must be “Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | brand (company name)”
Words which probably use to search any topic are known as keyword. Try to include relevant keywords in page title but keep in mind that title must be relevant and descriptive to web page content. Your page preview snippet will get maximum clicks if you write a title masterly with efficiency which can draw a rough sketch about the content you have written in the webpage.

Avoid capitalization
Sometimes webmasters use all capital letters into title tag but I personally suggest do not use all capital letters. Capitalized characters take more pixels then small letters and preview size has fixed with 512 px. The number of displayed characters wills reduse while you use all capital latters.  

Make sure – Title is unique
Search engine and searchers considers each web pages as a replica of each other if every web page have same title and description. So that always write unique and relevant title for every webpage.