Tuesday, 1 March 2016

What Is Embroidery Digitizing?

Hey Friends, today we are discussing about embroidery digitizing – an amazing embroidery design stitched on fabric by an automated machine. It is popular by an another name “Machine Embroidery”.

What is digitizing embroidery?

IT is a process of converting an existing artwork (embroidery design) into stitch file that an embroidery machine can saw on fabric. Digitizing an embroidery design is complex but it needs for well stitch pattern.

Price of Digitizing embroidery-

Price of digitizing embroidery depends upon design chosen by a client. If they choose complex or custom design with double stitched pattern prices goes to high else for normal patterns like company logo cost very economic. Anyone can visit price list of digitizing services.

Process of digitizing embroidery-

First unit of digitizing services is scan unit that monitor the objective scan it in software and study about stitches. After scanning digitizers draw the object for stitching, usually three type of stitching style used.

Point of execution – 

It applies on very complex designs where points address and density of the stitched are complex. Machine embroidery designs thus created with the technique of embroidery digitizing is very spectacular.

straight stitching – 

This is, at its base, a line of repeated single stitches. Effects are achieved by varying stitch length: long stitches are shinier, smoother than the pebbly, tight look of short stitches. We can also vary how many passes we make over an element for thicker and thinner lines. ‘Straight Stitch’ is generally comprised of stitches of the same length, but digitizing software can vary stitch length automatically to track tight curves

Column stitching -

 If you’ve seen machine embroidered text, it was almost assuredly comprised of Column. Satin stitches road back and out over a narrow area, alternating between an angled stitch and a straight stitch, like a zig-zag with every other stitch perpendicular to the area’s edges. The satin stitch has a shiny finish due to the unbroken, long threads in those straight passes.

Type of embroidery –

There are several type of Digitizing embroidery like Applique, 3D puff, bean stitch, bobbin, bobbin case, chain stitch etc.


Few Example Design -